For prospective international partners


 YOSHI GLOBAL OFFICE will give you help in various ways in exchange with Japan. First , I, Yoshinobu Nagatake, is a certified administrative procedures legal specialist, and it gives the social credibility to my office. Of course I can treat the issues of the status of residence. 

 And I used to be involved in international exchange at universities for over 10 years. During those days, I was sent to a university in the United States for one year under a special training program for university administrators by the Japanese government. I would like to say that I am an expert in international exchange especially in the field of education and academic research.



For your institution, YOSHI GLOBAL OFFICE can do the following.

(1) I can help you for effective help on advertising in Japan.

Not only can I translate your materials into Japanese, but I can also advise on points of appeal to Japanese students and researchers. It includes websites, PowerPoint, printed materials, etc.

I can also propose PR destinations that suit your institution’s aim.

(2) If you want to send students and/or researchers to Japan, I will help you finding a destination (institutions, programs, etc.) that suit your needs.

Also, regardless of students, researchers or other faculty members, I can teach Japanese because I am also a teacher of Japanese language.

(3) When you want to conclude a contract or an agreement with a Japanese institution, I will help you.

I can search for partners who meet your needs, make an proposal of strategy for you, and if the discussion is complete, I will make a contract document.

(4) I will help you build a network of Japanese alumni.

For example, if you need to create a Japanese version of newspaper for alumni, please ask me for help.

(5) In addition, I will do for example;

・ Creating Japanese versions of various materials such as annual reports

・ Holding seminars that meet the needs of your institution regarding the educational and/or research situation in Japan


4. Moreover, if you make an advisory contract with my office, I will do, for example;

(6) An advertising agency in Japan for your university

(For example, mailing pamphlets, sending emails, responding to inquiries in Japanese, etc.)

(7) Support for alumni association activities of Japanese alumni


I will be pleased to discuss for details in individual cases.


If you would like to strengthen exchanges with Japan, such as inbound, outbound, and exchanges via the web, please feel free to contact me.



(From outside Japan, please contact by email first.)